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Private Pay

There are many benefits to privately paying for therapy. The biggest benefit is full privacy since we will not need to share a diagnosis with your insurance company, family members on your plan will not know that you are in treatment, and you will not have a "pre-existing condition". This ensures that you will be able to speak openly and honestly about what is bringing you in. Additionally, research shows that a personal financial incentive usually results in clients starting to feel better faster. When you pay for each session out of pocket, you tend to put more work into making each session count. Here are our current rates:


Individual Therapy: $160 per session

Couple's Counseling: $200 per session  


There are also benefits to using your insurance. The biggest benefit to using your insurance is cost. You will only need to pay your co-pay or co-insurance for each session so if you're on a budget then insurance might be the way to go. However, insurance companies do require that we provide a diagnosis as well as dates of service so your treatment will not be as private. Additionally, insurance companies have a right to audit your client chart that could include notes regarding your treatment. We are currently IN-Network with the following insurance companies:



Blue Shield of California






Souther California Kaiser Permanente

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