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Individual Therapy

We offer individual therapy to new parents who want to process their pregnancy journey, delivery, and adjustment to parenting. We use evidence-based strategies to support you in identifying how to regain control of your life and improve your sense of self. 

Couples Counseling

Having a baby changes everything in the home but nothing changes as much as your relationship with your partner. Lack of sleep, lack of intimacy, and different expectations around parenting are all things that can add to conflict between partners. In couples counseling you will learn ways to improve your communication and teamwork as you adjust together to your new roles as parents. 


New Moms
Support Group

This is a six week closed group for new moms who want to learn skills to remain happy and calm while connecting with other new moms. This is an in-person group in Redondo Beach, CA. Click on link to find out more about upcoming groups.

Guest Speaking

Our founder Linda Meier Abdelsayed, LMFT is also available for guest speaking engagements at conferences, corporate events, or retreats. Linda is an Adjunct Professor at Pepperdine University's Master's Program in Clinical Psychology and has extensive experience in guest speaking. 

Recent Guest Speaking Engagements:

Mental Health for Medical Residents

Each year, Linda Meier Abdelsayed provides a two hour mental health lecture to Emergency Department Residents at Eisenhower Medical Center in Palm Springs, CA. The lectures consist of providing personalized mental health strategies for residents and change annually based on resident needs. Topics have included managing PTSD and Depression in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, challenging unrealistic negative thinking, maintaining romantic relationships in residency, and increasing relaxation skills.

Work-Life Balance for Parents:

In October 2019 Linda participated in Hulu's Wellness Week by providing a lunch time talk on work-life balance for parents. Throughout this talk she provided information on healthy expectations for work-life balance, strategies to improve work quality, strategies to improve life quality, and then an open discussion about what it means to be a working parent.

Please reach out via email or telephone (424) 999-5798 option 2 to get a quote for a customized speaking engagement for your next event. 

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